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Roller Doors

And now for a roller door with a difference.... This is a very high security door with European standard approval ratings which Hormann have designed from the bottom up rather than copying all the other products on the market. Roller doors are a single curtain that rolls up into your garage ceiling. They fit to the rear surface of the front brickwork of your garage, and as such need a small amount of clear brickwork to the sides and between 450 and 205mm ceiling clearance above the underside of the lintel. The entire door rises vertically upwards and then rolls up on a spindle in the ceiling space. 

No door frame is required which increases the available drive-through width. Good security and good protection against the weather with sealing all around the door, doors with or without insulation are available. Roller doors are either manufactured in Steel or Aluminium and are either single sheet or hinged slat.  Manual and electric versions are available. 

The prime design differences are that the door uses a tension spring to provide the counter-balancing force for lifting the curtain, this allows the use of a DC motor which can 'sense' an obstruction and auto-reverse.  The motor and control system is proven technology taken from the Promatic electric opener used on retractable and sectional  doors.  It's basically a Promatic split in half, the control side of things mounts to the wall and the motor sits under the roll driving with a chain.  

Main benefits:

- Fully enclosed roll for keeping the mechanics clean (longer life) and better security 
- Reliable safety system (hurray no more electrics as with all other doors)
- Storm anchors fitted to sides of curtain to 'hook' the curtain into the guides - class 5
  (155mph) wind load and much improved security
- Easy opening in the event of a power cut - pull the toggle and lift the door (no endless
  winding necessary as with all other doors)
- Easy installation - motor is used to lift the curtain up onto the axle rather than having to
  lift it over manually as with all other doors
- Soft-start soft-stop motor
- Smooth near silent operation
- Better warranty!!  10-years! 

It uses 77mm high, 12mm thick smooth faced slats which have a higher thermal properties that the other roller doors on the market and has a 290mm head requirement (335mm on doors 2300m and higher) which gives a drive-through height 360mm lower than the finished ceiling enabling the door to be fitted in many more garages than the typical steel roller doors.  

The RollMatic roller door offers very good security as the door is held in 100mm wide Aluminium 'C'-shaped guides all the way down both sides of the door from floor to lintel and when the door is shut a very effective locking mechanism is automatically engaged.  The doors has draft proofing as they have a weather seal across the base of the door and strips in the guides; however there is no draft seal at the top. 

This door is available as an electric door with two remote controls and safety system' for stopping the door if it touches an obstruction.  The motor assy can only be fitted on the left hand side (in looking out) a longer cable can be purchased if you would prefer the control box on the opposite side of the garage.

A manual version door is also available.

A matching side door is also available - ask for details.





Warranty information
Hormann doors are built to take the wear and tear of life and they are able to provide an impressive warranty as long as the door is reasonably maintained:

10-year safe and reliable operation
5-year springs, wire cables, tracks, guide rollers and hinges
5-year operator mechanics, motor and motor control system

Delivery time for a RollMatic door is approximately 3/4 weeks.  Delivery to UK mainland is included in the prices below.  

Extra options

Colours at standard charge: Traffic White, Terra Brown, Light Grey, Ruby Red, Moss Green, Steel Blue, Signal Blue & Deep Black.
Colours at higher charge: Textured Golden Oak Woodgrain and Textured Rosewood Woodgrain.

Golden Oak and Rosewood curtains are supplied with a matching bottom slat and guides, however, the inner faces are brown.

Full box enclosures
This product comes with a full box enclosure as standard and are coloured to match the door automatically.  

Emergency Access
If you have no other access into the garage other than through the garage door itself then you must fit an External Manual Overide; this will enable you to pull the release toggle and manually lift the curtain in the event of a power cut - it is secured by a key/lock barrel to prevent unauthorised use. 

Control box location
The motor assy can only be fitted on the left hand side (in looking out) a longer cable can be purchased if you need the control box on the right hand side of the garage.  

Two (or more) doors controlled by one remote control
If you are fitting two or more doors you can easily cross programme the remotes such that each button on the remote will operate a different door.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive summary of Hormanns products, so please contact us if you can not see what you need.

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