Hormann Sectional Doors

Hormann have an excellent reputation both for making good products and supporting them well.  Technical support, service and warranty backup are all outstanding and this gives us the reasurance that we are selling a good product with good warranties that isn't going to let you down.

Hormann now also sell high quality front doors in design that will match the garage door for the ultimate exclusive look.

The following video gives information about the security of a Hormann Sectional Door when combined with one of Hormann Supramatic or Promatic electric openers.  

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Available models

A top seller with us and with a 10-year warranty it's little wonder.  They have four models to choose from all manufactured from polyester coated steel (except for the timber doors) and all have 'all round' weather seals:


A single skin steel door - no insulation
Available in widths:
 Imperial: 6'10", then 7' to 16', in 6" & 12" increments, 
 Metric: 2250mm to 5000mm in approx 250mm increments, with heights up to 3m
Made to measure: Available
Designs: S-Ribbed, M-Ribbed & S-Panelled Georgian 
Finishes: Woodgrain only
Glazing: Yes
Colour options: Available in 16 std colours, also colours from RAL chart


A double skin steel door with 42mm insulation
Available in widths: 
 Imperial: 6'10", then 7' to 16', in 6" & 12" increments
 Metric: 2250mm to 6500mm in approx 250mm & 500mm increments, with heights up to 3m
 Made to measure: Available - max 5.5m x 2.5m or 4.5m x 3m
Designs: S-Ribbed, M-Ribbed, L-Ribbed, S-Panelled Georgian.  
Finishes: Woodgrain, Silkgrain & Decograin
Glazing: Yes
Colour options: Available in 16 std colours, also colours from RAL chart, 
Decograin finishes: Light Oak, Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak (almost black) Rosewood and Titan Metallic (anthracite)



Similar to the LPU42, but with 67mm instualtion.


Timber sectional doors for the ultimate, natural look without compromise - available in Nordic Pine or Hemlock.  A whole range of designs are available including granite inserts which looks fantastic, you can even have your own design of profiling set into the door.  Not cheap, but if an exclusive look is your thing - grab a brochure.

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Designs and Styles

t ribbed_edited.png
s ribb_edited.png
L ribb_edited.png
D ribbed_edited.png
m ribbed_edited.png







Windows in four designs are available as an option in the top one or two door sections only. Depending on the door type, you can select from various types of glazings with clear or textured panes. Clear synthetic glazing from Hörmann comes as standard with DURATEC glazing. It offers, maximum scratch resistance, a permanently clear view and improved thermal insulation. The glazing frames are supplied in a colour to match the decor with the Decograin surface finish. See the examples below;


Doors are supplied in Traffic White as standard.  LTE42, LPU42 and LPU67 doors can be finished in the factory colours below for a small additional cost, or alternatively can be finished in one of 200 colours from the RAL colour chart.  Very dark colours are not possible on the EPU40 and LPU40 doors but can be used on the LTE40.  

The fascia panel (the 90mm high frame across the top of the door) is supplied to match the door colour.  However, the upright frames on either side are supplied in white only (1).  If purchasing a coloured door you have two options.

Option 1: If your frame is recessed behind the brickwork and will not show from outside then you can touch up any small area of frame visible with the touch up pot and brush supplied.

Option 2: If your door opening is narrower than the structural opening then more of the white frame will show and it may be beneficial to purchase a profile cover (2).  These are either 55mm or 90mm wide.  Also available in Decograin and RAL colours.

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Electric Automation
Hormann's range of electric openers are fantastic quality units with full 5-year warranties, automatic latching for best security, kevlar belt for quiet operation and are very easy to fit.  Smaller doors up to 13'x7' are fine with the Promatic (image on the left), larger doors need to use the Supramatic E (image on the right).  Smaller doors can use the Supramatic if required as it travels a little faster and is capable of higher numbers of operating cycles per day.  

Hormann Promatic motor
Hormann supramatic E motor

Photos of recent jobs below;



Garage Doors

Please note, this is not a comprehensive summary of Hormanns products, so please contact us if you can not see what you need.